Bill and Tom Oliver Custom K9 South

Practical Behavior Training 
by Bill & Tom ​Tom and Bill have over 50 years’ experience between them 
in dog training and behavior modification.


Bill Oliver began his career working with dogs in the United States Air Force's Canine Corp. While There, he was awarded several honors in National police Dog Trials. Upon completion of his military service, he continued his education in California and Tennessee. Bill has worked locally since 1987. His training experience spans more than 30 years during which he has developed a profound ability to work with dogs that transcends teaching them the basic commands.

Bill Oliver's methods are tried and true and his success has earned him an extensive veterinary referral network for his reputation modifying aggressive behavior in dogs. He has saved many a dog's life and thousands of pet owners from losing their pet due to behavioral issues. Bill Oliver's accomplishments include a long successful career competing in AKC Obedience Trials, judging AKC sanctioned events, writing articles for local newspapers, being a guest speaker on CBS and WKSU as well as training dogs for film and screen productions.

Bill is also known for his generosity in helping others, he visits local schools, trains dogs for specific service careers (Delta Society) and is the former Director of the Cell Dog Program at the Trumbull County Correctional Facility in Ohio.

Tom Oliver began his dog training career in 1989 after moving to Vermont from Washington DC. After graduating from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York, Tom began to train dogs at night to earn extra income for his growing family. Working the food service business during the day and dog training at night, 

Tom managed to connect with dogs at an intimate level. He was the Vermont Therapy Dog owner and facilitator for several colleges and universities while living in Burlington Vermont. 

Tom has trained many dogs for many issues but specializes in small and medium size dogs with an emphasis on behavior and manners. He has also trained dogs for theatrical productions.

Tom is an expert in dog behavior and knows how to train dogs to follow commands and abide by certain rules and expectations. He works with clients to develop individualized plans to achieve behavior goals for their dogs.